Here is an archive of our recent guest blogs for other organisations, as well as a comprehensive list of our earliest blogs written before, during and after the Brexit referendum by our associates and guests (2014-2017). 

Blogs between 2018-2021 can be found under the blog tab. 

Blogs Written for Others

Andy Jordan and Brendan Moore 

After the Vote

Jordan, A. & Gravey, V. (17/02/2017) Policy after Brexit — will it be dynamic or zombie-like? The Environmentalist

Burns, C. (01/02/2017) MEPs will fight Brexit deal that lets the UK become an offshore pollution haven,The Conversation 

Gravey, V. (24/01/2017) Is the Supreme Court decision good for the environment?, Inside Track GreenAlliance Blog

Gravey, V. (04/01/2017) Four ‘green lines’ for Brexit negotiators looking to protect the environment, TheConversation 

Jordan, A., Burns, C. & Gravey, V. (03/01/2017) Three steps to a Green Brexit, The Environmentalist

Gravey, V. Jordan, A., Burns (19/12/2016), C. Brexit and UK-Irish relations: between low and high politics?, UK in a ChangingEurope 

Stewart, B. (22/11/2016) Casting into the future of UK fisheries after Brexit UK in a Changing Europe

Oberthür, S. (10/2016) The European Union in Crisis: What Future for the EU in International Climate Policy?, IES Policy Briefs 

Jordan, A. Burns, C. & Gravey, V. (11/08/2016) Zombie-like or Servile: Why the environment sector needs to consider the worst-casescenarios for Brexit, The Environmentalist

Gravey, V. Jordan, A. & Burns, C. (10/08/2016) Environmental policy after Brexit: mind the governance gap, UK in a Changing Europe

Rayner, T. & Moore, B. (04/07/2016) How the UK can still lead on climate change – even after Brexit TheConversation

Burns, C.  Gravey, V. & Jordan, A. (28/06/2016) What does Brexit mean for the UK’s environment?PSA Environment Blog

Gravey, V., Jordan, A. & Burns, C. (28/06/2016) Brexit: A step forwards or backwards for a Greener Europe? Euractiv

Jordan, A., Burns, C. & Gravey V. (27/06/2016) After the Brexit vote: what next for the UK’s environment? Green AllianceBlog

Burns, C.  Gravey, V. & Jordan, A. (24/06/2016) It’s over and we are out of the EU: What does Brexit mean for the UK’s environment,The Environmentalist

During the Referendum

Oberthür, S. (23/06/2016) How would a Brexit affect the environment? LSE Europe blog

Gravey, V. (16/06/2016) Four little-known EU rules which help protect Britain’s environment, The Conversation  and Newsweek on 21/06/2016

Gravey, V. & Schoenefeld, J. (16/06/2016) Is the EU as green as it used to be? Environmental Europe?

Burns, C. & Gravey, V. (31/05/2016) The EU Referendum and the UK’s Environment: What are the implications for democracy? Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development

Gravey, V. & Jordan, A. (27/05/2016) A tale of two policy areas: why EU-UK environmental relations are more complicated than you think, Green Alliance Blog

Cowell, R. & Owens, S. (05/2016) The EU referendum, planning and the environment, Town and Country Planning 

Gravey, V. Jordan, A. and Burns, C. (24/05/2016) What would Brexit mean for the environment?

Gravey, V. (17/05/2016) Brexit: l’environment ça compte!

Jordan, A. & Gravey, V. (13/05/2016) Environmental protection: Brexit creates new risks and new opportunities, University of East Anglia EU Referendum blog

Gravey, V. & Jordan, A. (11/05/2016) Agriculture and the EU referendum: taking stock and peering forwards, UK in a ChangingEurope

Jordan, A. & Gravey, V. (09/05/2016) Is environment the biggest hole in the referendum campaigns?, Green AllianceBlog

Gravey, V. & Jordan, A. (04/05/2016) Agriculture and the EU referendum: taking stock and peering forwards, University ofEast Anglia EU Referendum blog

Cowell, R. (29/04/2016) Planning and the environment after the EU referendum, Planners Network UK(

Rayner, T. (20/04/2016) Cutout: Brexit would put the EU’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions at risk, LSE BrexitVote

Burns, C. (20/04/2016) Willthe Environmental Audit Committee Report at last bring the environment onto the referendum campaign agenda?, PSA Environment blog 

Burns, C. (19/04/2016) Why experts agree the EU is good for the UK’s natural environment, TheConversation

Stewart, B. & Carpenter, G. (15/04/2016) What would Brexit really mean for the UK’s fishing industry National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation 

Jordan, A. (04/2016) Weighing up the facts, InsideTrack, Spring 2016, pp.12-13

Gravey, V. Jordan, A., Burns, C. (13/04/2016), Why the environment matters in the British EU Referendum debate, EnvironmentalEurope?

Gravey, V. & Jordan, A. (03/2016) ‘Brexit UK-EU environmental relations: what happens after 23 June?‘, UKELA elaw,March-April 2016

Stewart, B. & Carpenter, G. (24/03/2016) ‘What would Brexit really mean for the UK’s fishing industry?‘, The Conversation 

Gravey, V. (29/02/2016) ‘A surprising deal? Cameron’s ‘reformed EU’ & the environment‘ Environmental Europe? 

Before the Referendum

Jordan, A. (2015) ‘The environmental case for Europe‘, The ENDS Report.

Jordan, A. (2014) ‘Whathas the EU done for the UK environment?‘, The ENDS Report.

Gravey, V. (2014) ‘Either,or? British Membership and a Green Europe‘ Environmental Europe?

Policy Evidence

Our associates have been active in providing written and oral policy evidence to Committees and government departments in England and across the devolved administrations.

Northern Ireland