Integrating planning and environment, post-Brexit: Virtuous circle or downward spiral?

Prof Richard Cowell, Prof Geraint Ellis, Prof Thomas B Fischer, Anthony Jackson, Dr Thomas Muinzer and Dr Olivier Sykes

1st September 2020

Chlorinated chickens cluck again.

Dr Viviane Gravey and Prof Charlotte Burns

15th June 2020

After Brexit Day: Reflections on the paths ahead

Prof Charlotte Burns, Dr Brendan Moore, Dr Viviane Gravey and Prof Andy Jordan

5th February 2020

The Agriculture Bill: 8 key provisions and recommendations

Dr Ludivine Petetin and Dr Viviane Gravey

24th January 2020
22nd January 2020

General Election 2019: What does this mean for the environment?

Prof Charlotte Burns and Dr Viviane Gravey

13th December 2019

Environmental pledges in the party manifestos

Prof Charlotte Burns and Prof Neil Carter

9th December 2019