The Brexit Deal and Fisheries: The one that got away, again

Dr Bryce Stewart and Griffin Carpenter

29th June 2021

A Window of Opportunity? Brexit, the Environment and NGOs

Dr Carolyn Abbot and Prof Maria Lee

27th April 2021

UK Climate Policy in the Post-Brexit Era

Brendan M and Prof Andy Jordan

9th April 2021

Environmental Regulation in the Post-Brexit Era

Prof Charlotte Burns and Prof Andy Jordan

23rd March 2021
11th March 2021

Integrating planning and environment, post-Brexit: Virtuous circle or downward spiral?

Prof Richard Cowell, Prof Geraint Ellis, Prof Thomas B Fischer, Anthony Jackson, Dr Thomas Muinzer and Dr Olivier Sykes

1st September 2020

Chlorinated chickens cluck again.

Dr Viviane Gravey and Prof Charlotte Burns

15th June 2020