Environmental principles and governance: Brexit and Environment’s key messages

By Brendan Moore. From 10 May to 2 August 2018, the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ...

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14th August 2018
Giant's Causeway

What is the future of environmental governance in Northern Ireland?

By Ciara Brennan, Mary Dobbs, Viviane Gravey and Attracta Uí Bhroin, authors of a recent report on what Brexit means ...

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8th August 2018

UK under dangerous pressure to lower its sustainability commitments

By Emily Lydgate, University of Sussex It’s not surprising that the government’s recent white paper was controversial. “Taking back control” of ...

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2nd August 2018

In the absence of fines: The role of negotiation in the enforcement of environmental law

By Dr Ole Pedersen, Reader in Environmental Law at Newcastle University Law School. Much of the attention focusing on the ...

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1st August 2018

Environmental principles as legal foundations of UK environmental policy: Bedrocks or minefields?

By Professor Eloise Scotford, University College London. Environmental principles are now fundamental ideas in environmental law and policy across the ...

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30th July 2018

Post-Brexit animal welfare policy: The case for an animal sentience principle

By Dr Alasdair Cochrane, University of Sheffield. An on-going issue for post-Brexit environmental policy and animal welfare concerns whether and ...

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20th July 2018

The Brexit White Paper: What does it mean for the environment?

By Professor Charlotte Burns, University of Sheffield. Brexit sometimes feels like a roller coaster and last week gave us yet ...

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17th July 2018

Scotland and Europe: The Scottish Government’s goals for post-Brexit environmental governance

By Professor Colin Reid, University of Dundee. Setting out a clear vision of what is being sought as the UK ...

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16th July 2018

Could fines be the green watchdog’s sharpest teeth?

By Professor Andy Jordan and Brendan Moore, University of East Anglia. This blog post was originally published on the Green ...

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12th July 2018

A new post-Brexit environmental watchdog: The importance of context

By Dr Ole Pedersen, Reader in Environmental Law at Newcastle University Law School. One of the few Brexit-related issue on which a ...

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10th July 2018
plane at Windsor

Heathrow: The Brexit expansion?

By Dr Viviane Gravey, Queen's University Belfast. Building a third runway at Heathrow is once again back in the news ...

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26th June 2018

Environmental governance in Scotland: Accountable to whom, and how?

By Professor Colin Reid, University of Dundee. Many environmental matters fall within the remit of the devolved administrations, so that ...

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22nd June 2018