Policy briefs

Our policy briefs analyse the implications of Brexit for environment policy, law and governance. They also provide recommendations to policy makers and others on the creation of an effective system for post-Brexit environmental protection in the UK. Clicking on the ‘All Policy Briefs’ link will direct you to a webpage featuring all of our policy briefs. Our most recent briefs are also presented below.

Webinars and podcasts

Our associates regularly contribute to a wide-range of webinars and podcasts. Below you will find a selection of some of their up-to-date appearances. 

The UK internal market after Brexit: ensuring a ‘race to the top’ for the environment?

What will be the impact of the Internal Market Bill for environmental policy and outcomes? What would a “race to the top” look like? How will environmental ambition be reconciled with a need to do trade deals? This wide-ranging webinar, hosted by the Insitute for Government provides answers to these questions and draws on expertise from:

  • Martin Harper, Director of Global Conservation at the RSPB
  • Dr Viviane Gravey, Brexit & Environment/Lecturer at Queen’s University Belfast
  • Dr Emily Lydgate, Senior Lecturer in environmental law at the University of Sussex
  • Gail Soutar, Chief Adviser on EU Exit and International Trade at the National Farmers’ Union
  • Chaired by Jill Rutter, Senior Fellow at the Institute for Government

Air Date: 28th September 2020

Source: Institute for Government

Protecting progress: Ambition or regression in environmental policy?

How can we come to a better understanding of environmental progress? How can we define it? How can we guarentee it? How can we prevent it from being lost? This webinar hosted by Friends of the Earth (Kierra Box) on preventing environmental non-regression with expert speakers including our associate, Andy Jordan. 

  • Professor Andy Jordan, Brexit & Environment 
  • David Bladock, IEEP 
  • Susan D. Shaw, Livinglaw

This event accompanied the the launch of our commissioned (Friends of the Earth) report on the level playing field 

Air date: 29th September 

Source: Friends of the Earth

Policy evidence

Brexit & Environment researchers have provided evidence and advice to the UK Government, the Scottish Government, the UK House of Commons, the UK House of Lords, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly, the Northern Irish Assembly, and the European Parliament.

Colin Reid at Scottish Parliament

Richard Cowell and Charlotte Burns giving evidence

Academic publications

Our work feeds into and contributes to academic research:


Bryce Stewart interview ITV
TV and Media

Our experts have been interviewed on environmental challenges for Brexit (BBC Look East, BBC Radio Scotland) fisheries management after Brexit (ITV News, BBC Breakfast, Farming Today), agricultural policies after Brexit (Sky News, BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio 4).

Other recommended resources

For more information on issues related to Brexit and the environment, we recommend the following:

Selected blogs written by our associates for other outlets