Ship in port

What would Brexit really mean for the UK’s fishing industry?

Fish is as tasty and popular as ever, but no one seems to like the policies that regulate the industry ...

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31st March 2016
UKELA newsletter

UK-EU environmental relations: What happens after 23 June?

In the March/April edition of the UKELA e-law newsletter, Viviane Gravey and Andy Jordan (University of East Anglia), lead authors ...

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12th March 2016
Environmental Europe? blog logo

A surprising deal? Cameron’s ‘reformed EU’ & the environment

In a blog post on Environmental Europe? Viviane Gravey, lead author of the expert review, analyses the content of the ...

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12th March 2016


In 2015 David Cameron announced that he would seek to renegotiate the UK's existing terms of membership with the EU ...

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11th March 2016