At the end of December 2020, the UK and the EU struck a Trade and Cooperation Agreement. How will this new agreement affect their environmental relations? And as the UK embarks on this new phase of the Brexit process, what are the implications for its environmental policy and governance?

Policy-makers, environmental NGOs and the public need expert knowledge in order to seize the opportunities and mitigate the risks posed by Brexit. Because policy making in the EU is often highly technical, its net effect on the daily lives of UK citizens and their local environment tends to escape media attention.


We are a network of independent researchers from across the UK and the EU working on projects related to Brexit and the environment. This website, funded by the ESRC, is a hub of information on how Brexit affects the environment and related sectors such as agriculture and fisheries.

We are available to speak to the press about our reports, Brexit and EU policy, and to discuss opportunities to commission new work by our team of academic researchers. 

If you would like to learn more, please contact us. You can also follow us on Twitter.

Leadership Team

The Brexit & Environment network is led by our three co-chairs, with support from our network coordinator.

University of Sheffield
Network Co-chair

Expertise: Environmental Principles/Policy

Queen’s University Belfast
Network Co-chair

Expertise: Agriculture, Environmental Governance, Northern Ireland

University of East Anglia
Network Co-chair

Expertise: Environmental Governance


Our associates are academics with deep expertise on Brexit and its potential impacts on a wide range of environmental policy/law issues.

University of York

Expertise: Climate Policy, Political Parties

Cardiff University

Expertise: Planning Policy, Wales

Queen’s University Belfast

Expertise: Agriculture, Environmental Law, Northern Ireland

University of Suffolk

Expertise: Fisheries, Local Government

University College London

Expertise: Environmental Governance, Environmental Law

University of East Anglia

Expertise: Climate and Energy Policy

Cardiff University

Expertise: Agricultural Law, Trade, Wales

University of Dundee

Expertise: Environmental Law, Scotland

University of York

Expertise: Fisheries, Marine Conservation

Our projects

The Brexit & Environment network is involved in the following research projects:

Winner of ‘Insight Of The Year’ At The ENDS Awards 2017

Winner Ends Award 2017

Winner of UEA Impact and Innovation Award 2018

Winner UEA Impact and Innovation Award 2018