The Brexit Deal and Fisheries: The one that got away, again

Dr Bryce Stewart and Griffin Carpenter

29th June 2021

A Window of Opportunity? Brexit, the Environment and NGOs

Dr Carolyn Abbot and Prof Maria Lee

27th April 2021

UK Climate Policy in the Post-Brexit Era

Brendan M and Prof Andy Jordan

9th April 2021

Environmental Regulation in the Post-Brexit Era

Prof Charlotte Burns and Prof Andy Jordan

23rd March 2021
11th March 2021

Integrating planning and environment, post-Brexit: Virtuous circle or downward spiral?

Prof Richard Cowell, Prof Geraint Ellis, Prof Thomas B Fischer, Anthony Jackson, Dr Thomas Muinzer and Dr Olivier Sykes

1st September 2020

United against Diversity? The UK Internal Market and environmental ambition

Dr Viviane Gravey, Prof Andy Jordan and Dr Ludivine Petetin

22nd July 2020