RT @aglawfoodie: A no deal Brexit could lead to the presence of more GMOs (and GM foods) in the UK. It makes the following publication on #…
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RT @brmo07: Leaked list of UK's no-deal #Brexit papers (due next week) includes many focused on #environmental issues. The clearest example…
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RT @BrexitEnv: "Environmental #principles & #governance: Brexit & Environment’s key messages" 1. Principle for high level of enviro. prote…
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RT @chris_huggins: Want a quick overview of what the key political and governance issues are with Brexit and fisheries policy? Check out ou…
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RT @RTPIPlanners: Brexit brings with it opportunities for the UK to rethink public policy around planning & the environment. Prof Richard C…
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The Brexit White Paper: What does it mean for the

By Professor Charlotte Burns, University of Sheffield. Brexit sometimes feels like a roller coaster and last week gave us yet anot…

Scotland and Europe: The Scottish Government’s goals for post-Brexit environmental

By Professor Colin Reid, University of Dundee. Setting out a clear vision of what is being sought as the UK leaves the European Un…

Could fines be the green watchdog’s sharpest teeth?

By Professor Andy Jordan and Brendan Moore, University of East Anglia. This blog post was originally published on the Green Allian…

A new post-Brexit environmental watchdog: The importance of context

By Dr Ole Pedersen, Reader in Environmental Law at Newcastle University Law School. One of the few Brexit-related issue on which…

plane at Windsor

Heathrow: The Brexit expansion?

By Dr Viviane Gravey, Queen’s University Belfast. Building a third runway at Heathrow is once again back in the news after t…

Environmental governance in Scotland: Accountable to whom, and how?

By Professor Colin Reid, University of Dundee. Many environmental matters fall within the remit of the devolved administrations, s…


30 Jan 17
  • British Academy
  • 02:00 PM

Brexit and the Environment: A Roundtable

This roundtable was co-organised with Prof Joanne Scott, Fellow of the British Academy. Bringing together practitioners and academ…

27 Jul 16
  • Norwich
  • 01:00 PM

After the Brexit vote: where next for environmental policy and

This seminar, organised by the Tyndall Early Career Network, discussed the role environmental issues played in the campaign and ho…

14 Jun 16
  • Oxford
  • 05:00 PM

How has the EU shaped the environment in the UK?

This roundtable will discuss the findings of a major, impartial ESRC-funded review ‘The EU referendum and the UK environment’.…

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