RT @CApressoffice: In light of our decision to leave the European Union the Countryside Alliance is asking the question ‘Where next for nat…
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RT @VGravey: Very interesting take by @jmcurtin : #ultrahard #Brexit still likely (only way for UK to 'do it's own thing') & very threateni…
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RT @VGravey: Ireland #climatepolicy is a function of its EU membership - UK #climatepolicy is a function of internal politics, key #Brexit…
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RT @VGravey: #Brexit means #Brexatom as well - UK leader of pro #nuclearpower constituency at EU level : yet another way in which #Brexit h…
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RT @VGravey: Very little to say in London on devolution beyond 'it's important' says @CharlieBEU - no realisation of how much devolved auth…
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Storm Brewing over Westminster

What will Brexit mean for the climate? (Clue: it doesn’t

Blog post authored by Michele Stua, University of Sussex and Ed Dearnley, University of Sussex With Brexit negotiations stuck on d…

Bumble bee

What’s in store for the Precautionary Principle?

Right now, the fate of the EU’s environmental principles in this country after Brexit is being debated by the House of Commons. …

European flag flying in front of an embassy in Dublin (c) Viviane Gravey

Brexit & Environment: taking the EU side into account

With the EU Withdrawal Bill entering Committee Stage this week, discussions on Brexit and environment turn inwards – asking how …

Currently protected by the EU’s Habitats Directive. Sandra Standbridge/Shutterstock

The UK needs a new independent body to protect the

Maria Lee, Professor of Law and co-director of the Centre for Law and Environment, UCL For four decades, EU legislation and policy…

Clean Growth Strategy from BEIS webpage.

Is the Clean Growth Strategy Brexit-proof?

The Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy published the long-awaited Clean Growth Strategy last week, setting out …

Chemicals warning sign

Post-Brexit options for UK chemicals law

What may happen to UK chemicals policy post-Brexit? As a way of understanding why Brexit poses such challenges, I look at the orig…


27 Jul 16
  • Norwich
  • 01:00 PM

After the Brexit vote: where next for environmental policy and

This seminar, organised by the Tyndall Early Career Network, discussed the role environmental issues played in the campaign and ho…

14 Jun 16
  • Oxford
  • 05:00 PM

How has the EU shaped the environment in the UK?

This roundtable will discuss the findings of a major, impartial ESRC-funded review ‘The EU referendum and the UK environment’.…

23 May 16
  • Brussels
  • 12:00 PM

EU and UK environmental policies after 23 June

Discussions on the UK referendum have mostly been focusing on a handful of issues (sovereignty, freedom of movement and red tape).…

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