RT @CApressoffice: In light of our decision to leave the European Union the Countryside Alliance is asking the question ‘Where next for nat…
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RT @VGravey: Very interesting take by @jmcurtin : #ultrahard #Brexit still likely (only way for UK to 'do it's own thing') & very threateni…
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RT @VGravey: Ireland #climatepolicy is a function of its EU membership - UK #climatepolicy is a function of internal politics, key #Brexit…
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RT @VGravey: #Brexit means #Brexatom as well - UK leader of pro #nuclearpower constituency at EU level : yet another way in which #Brexit h…
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RT @VGravey: Very little to say in London on devolution beyond 'it's important' says @CharlieBEU - no realisation of how much devolved auth…
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Who’s in charge here?

During the Brexit referendum campaign the cry of “take back control” was often heard but never followed up by clear discussion…

Swiss Cow Grazing

The gilded green cage: Swiss agricultural policy and lessons for

Switzerland sits outside the European Union (EU) and its’ much critiqued Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). From this position, S…

ECJ European Court of Justice

Who’s afraid of the ECJ? Let’s debate environmental governance

Among the many proposals in Michael Gove’s thoughtful speech on the environment, one received less attention that we think it de…

Hands exchanging euro and GBP

How will resources for the environment change post-Brexit?

Much has been said about the environmental consequences of Brexit, with the general admission being that Brexit will indeed be bad…

A Welsh and English Bilingual recycling bin worded in both languages.

UK and Welsh waste policy after Brexit

While it is possible that UK policy will continue to track the progress made by EU-level policies for a circular economy, a combin…

Cow in Donegal (V Gravey)

Having the agri-food cake and eating it ?

This week has seen the publications of two position papers from the UK government, on future customs arrangement and on the border…


3 May 16
  • University of East Anglia, Norwich
  • 06:00 PM

What has EU membership ever done for the UK?

The EU referendum campaign is mostly focusing on a handful of issues (jobs, the economy and migration). Yet after 40 years of EU m…

The EU Referendum: Risks and Opportunities for the UK Environment
11 Apr 16
  • Broadway House, London

Key Risks and Opportunities for the Environment

Read account of the Review launch in this blog post.

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