A Window of Opportunity? Brexit, the Environment and NGOs

The environmental NGO community has played an important role in shaping post-Brexit environmental law. In this blog post, Dr Carolyn ...

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27th April 2021

UK Climate Policy in the Post-Brexit Era

When it finally departed the EU on 31 December 2020, the UK government took back control over regulation across every ...

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9th April 2021

Environmental Regulation in the Post-Brexit Era

Picture courtesy of Kevinsphotos|Pixabay When it finally departed the EU on 31 December 2020, the UK government took back control ...

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23rd March 2021

“UK Regulation after Brexit – A Stocktake”

The full report UK Regulation after Brexit can be found here. When the UK departed the EU on 31 December ...

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11th March 2021

Why Dynamic Alignment is Alive and Well: The story of lead shot and wetlands

Whether UK and EU negotiators would agree to include dynamic alignment in the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) has ...

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22nd January 2021

Envisaging the Future of Environmental Governance in Wales: The role of the Environmental Governance Stakeholder Task Group

In November 2020, the Welsh Government finally conveyed some further information relating to its arrangements for environmental governance in Wales ...

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11th January 2021

Principles, Watchdog, Strategy and Dynamic Alignment: The new environmental governance arrangements in Scotland

In the week before Christmas, while many people’s thoughts were on what would emerge from the tireless work of the ...

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7th January 2021

The Internal Market Bill: Why negative integration is causing such negative feelings

The UK’s Internal Market Bill, published in early September, has caused a stir right across the UK and in Brussels ...

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16th October 2020
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Integrating planning and environment, post-Brexit: Virtuous circle or downward spiral?

As the UK leaves the EU, we ask whether the planning system will retain an important role in supporting environmental ...

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1st September 2020

United against Diversity? The UK Internal Market and environmental ambition

What will the Internal Market, as set out in the White Paper, mean for the UK environment? While our first ...

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22nd July 2020
Image from the Government's UK Internal Market White Paper

Towards an Ever Closer Union?

The slogan “taking back control” always begged the question of who would eventually wield such control: – central government in ...

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21st July 2020

Fake Newts! Should Environmental Impact Assessment be under threat?

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is being touted for significant reform in the UK, and Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic have ...

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17th July 2020