Rainbow over the Lagan in Belfast

The NI Assembly and Executive are back – what next for the NI environment?

After missing for two years, the Assembly and the Executive, especially the Minister in the Department for Agriculture, Environment and ...

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7th February 2024
People hold placards at Save our Lough demonstration in Belfast in October 2023

What is the death of Lough Neagh an example of?

Lough Neagh, the largest freshwater lake in the UK and Ireland is dying. Eutrophication and ensuing wide-spread cyanobacteria bloom have ...

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28th November 2023
Lucy the border collie has strong ideas about environmental governance, while lounging in the grass

NI Environmental Governance according to the OEP

For centuries, scholars interested in Gnostic thought could only get their hands on critiques (indeed, very harsh critiques) of Gnosticism, ...

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22nd November 2023

Green Goals or Fossil Fuel Frenzy? Unpacking the UK’s Energy Future

In the wake of the Prime Minister’s recent announcement granting numerous new oil and gas licenses, the UK’s post-Brexit energy ...

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10th August 2023

Taking stock of environmental governance in the UK, seven years on from the EU referendum

It has been seven years since the EU referendum and three and a half years since Brexit ‘proper’. This timeframe ...

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31st July 2023

Environmental Governance and Rights in Scotland

Two significant consultations on environmental governance and rights have been launched in Scotland. One reflects on the present position and ...

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19th July 2023
Powering Brexit

Did Conservatives turn over a new leaf with “Green Day”?

The story of the Conservative governments during the ‘Age of Brexit’ is one that has been marked by an almost ...

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5th April 2023

Making sense of the Green Day

Last Thursday, badged as ‘Green Day’, the UK government unleashed a wave of energy policy announcements in a huge range ...

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4th April 2023

What does the Windsor Framework mean for the Single Electricity Market?  

Despite ongoing comment and debate around the Windsor Framework, agreed by the UK and EU, there has been little mention ...

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14th March 2023

The Windsor Framework and Agri-Food: what is new?

On Monday, 27th February 2023, the UK and EU announced a new ‘Windsor Framework’ to change the Northern Ireland (NI) ...

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13th March 2023
No Entry sign in front of the Assembly Buildings in Stormont

New Governance for Dynamic Alignment under the Windsor Framework

Dynamic alignment – whether the UK, or part thereof, would have to or alternatively choose to keep pace with ‘EU ...

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8th March 2023
crocus blooming in green grass

The Windsor Framework and the Environment

This blog post discusses the implications of the new Windsor Framework for the environment. Much at this stage remains uncertain ...

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7th March 2023