The election manifestos and the environment: Six unanswered questions

The 2019 General Election is finally in full swing following the publication of the party manifestos.  Manifestos play a vital ...

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27th November 2019

Environmental governance and EU Exit: The state of play and implications for Scotland

This blog post examines the state of play regarding environmental governance and EU exit, following the Scottish Government’s recent announcements ...

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18th November 2019

Westminster and waterways: Strategies to protect water quality in Northern Ireland after Brexit

This article draws on a literature review and interviews conducted for an MSc dissertation titled “Basins, Borders and Brexit: Water ...

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14th November 2019

The 2019 general election and the environment

With concern for the environment riding high in the polls, climate strike entering the dictionary as 2019’s word of the ...

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8th November 2019
UK Parliament

The Environment Bill : A framework for progressive environmental law?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has described the recently published Environment Bill  as ‘a lodestar by which we will guide our ...

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18th October 2019

Loosening the constraints: The environment in the revised Brexit deal

On 17 October, the EU and the UK agreed to a revised Brexit deal that, if ratified, would make significant ...

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17th October 2019

Environmental giant takes first step: Initial thoughts on the Environment Bill

In the lead up to the Brexit referendum, some feared that the environment might be facing a bleak future where ...

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17th October 2019

Making Brexit work for the environment and livelihoods: A stakeholder informed vision

This post was originally published on the British Ecological Society blog and is based on an article recently published in ...

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8th October 2019

Prorogation and the Supreme Court ruling: What does it mean for a Green Brexit?

In the high politics of Brexit, it is easy to lose track of the environment. In the last two months, ...

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24th September 2019

Protecting Scotland’s Future: Climate change, biodiversity and Brexit

With so much turmoil in our politics at present, developments that would normally attract attention can pass without notice – ...

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10th September 2019

What happens to the environment in times of economic trouble and why should we care?

This blog post was originally published on the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute's blog. With no-deal Brexit looming, and with ...

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20th August 2019

Envisioning Green Britain: Early Career Researchers reimagine UK environmental policy

This blog post was written off the back of discussions and workshops held at the British Ecological Society Conference on ...

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17th July 2019