The Environment (Principles and Governance) Bill: An overview and four unanswered questions

The UK Government has released a draft of the provisions on post-Brexit environmental principles and governance a week before the 26 ...

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20th December 2018

The Supreme Court’s decision on the Scottish Continuity Bill: Implications for environmental governance

The Supreme Court’s decision on the validity of the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill gives ...

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18th December 2018

May survives confidence vote: Where now for the environment?

On 12 December, Prime Minister Theresa May won a no-confidence vote in the Conservative Party by 200 votes to 117 ...

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12th December 2018

Does the Withdrawal Agreement pass the green Brexit test?

This blog post was originally published by UK in a Changing Europe. The draft Withdrawal Agreement aims to establish the ...

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21st November 2018

Environmental commitments in the Withdrawal Agreement

Trying to make sense of the Withdrawal Agreement agreed by the Cabinet on 14 November is not straightforward (and political ...

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15th November 2018
Whitby, North Yorkshire, a site of UK fisheries. Whitby, North Yorkshire. By Tim Hill.

The Fisheries Bill: What does it tell us about post-Brexit fisheries policy?

On Thursday 25 October, the government presented its much-anticipated Fisheries Bill to Parliament. While there was a perception that the ...

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1st November 2018

The limits of entrenchment: Parliamentary sovereignty and post-Brexit environmental policy

Creating UK environmental policy that is both effective and resilient is much in the news, especially in the context of ...

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31st October 2018

Environment under threat without greater cooperation between devolved nations and UK government

The Brexit and Environment network has spent the last year researching the implications of Brexit for environmental policy, with a ...

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10th October 2018

Blueprint for a new Environment Act: Comments welcome by 31 October

Brexit & Environment's researchers have recently been involved with a project led by the Broadway Initiative 'to generate ideas and proposals ...

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2nd October 2018

Luxembourg, here we come! A comment on the Wightman decision

The legal aspects of the Brexit process have just become more complicated with the decision of the Scottish courts to ...

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21st September 2018

Brexit and water law: Implications for the UK and Scotland

The recent heatwaves, and accompanying drought, have flagged up the importance of water policy – and water law – as ...

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20th September 2018

Delivering a ‘Green Brexit’: A summary of academic evidence to Defra’s environmental governance consultation

From 10 May to 2 August 2018, the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) ran a public ...

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13th September 2018