Hunt vs Johnson: Who is offering the greenest Brexit?

The environment and climate change are flying high in the news at the moment. We are witnessing  on-going climate protests ...

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28th June 2019

Setting the bar for a Green Brexit in food and farming

This blog post is a summary of Setting the Bar for a Green Brexit in Food and Farming, a report ...

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11th June 2019

Imagining the future of UK environmental law

While we have not yet left the EU, steps are already being taken to create a framework for post-Brexit environmental ...

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16th May 2019

EU-UK environmental cooperation: Is the backstop the Goldilocks option?

Environmental protection is often thought of as a national responsibility, while trade agreements are seen as outward-looking. However, the distinction ...

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14th May 2019

The Good Friday/Belfast Agreement and environmental governance: Risks and opportunities after Brexit

The island of Ireland is a single bio-geographic unit, with common geology, landscapes, water catchments, and flora and fauna. Ecosystems ...

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1st May 2019

Dynamic alignment: A new policy principle in the making?

The news that talks between Labour and the Conservatives have moved down to the more technical level of individual policies, ...

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25th April 2019

The Article 50 extension: Implications for environmental governance

In the early morning hours of 11 April, the European Council and the UK government agreed to extend Article 50 ...

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12th April 2019

Three years on from The EU Referendum and the UK Environment

Three years ago, on 11 April 2016, we launched our first review on the EU referendum and the UK’s environment. ...

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11th April 2019

Extending the Environment Bill to Northern Ireland: What changes are needed?

On 27 February 2019, Dr Denis McMahon, Permanent Secretary of Northern Ireland’s Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) ...

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10th April 2019

Aarhus Convention response shows contrast in enforcing EU and international law

An official report on the UK’s response to findings that it is not complying with its international obligations serves to ...

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3rd April 2019

Post-Brexit environmental governance in Wales: A review of the Welsh Government’s consultation

Earlier this week, the Welsh Government issued a consultation document, Environmental Principles and Governance in Wales Post European Union Exit, ...

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24th March 2019

Reality bites: The implications of scrutiny-free environmental law reform in Northern Ireland after Brexit

Presuming no alternative political course emerges in the meantime, on the 29th March 2019 a raft of new secondary legislation ...

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12th March 2019