Environmental Principles Take Root: Post-Brexit environmental governance across the UK (Part 1)

In the first of two blogs, the new status of environmental principles across the UK is considered as progress is ...

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14th July 2020
Scottish Parliament by Colin Reid

Environmental principles, governance and alignment in Scotland: The new Continuity Bill

The Scottish Government has now published its eagerly anticipated proposals for environmental principles and governance in Scotland in the UK ...

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24th June 2020

Chlorinated chickens cluck again.

This blog post was first published by The UK in a Changing Europe on the 10th June 2020. The UK’s ...

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15th June 2020

UK-EU trade negotiations: The level playing field is at risk of ‘regression by default’

This post was first published by Green Alliance on 12 May 2020. The fate of the trade negotiations between the ...

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12th May 2020

Covid-19, Climate and Brexit: What does the latest crisis mean for environmental policy in the UK?

This blogpost was first published by The UK in a Changing Europe on 22nd April 2020 . Even before the ...

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24th April 2020

After Brexit Day: Reflections on the paths ahead

This blog post is an updated version of the environment/climate section of the UK in a Changing Europe report Brexit: ...

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5th February 2020

The Agriculture Bill: 8 key provisions and recommendations

The latest Agriculture Bill includes several positive changes that build upon the 2018 Agriculture Bill, many of which have been ...

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24th January 2020

The Agriculture Bill: What it means for farming and the environment after Brexit

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. The UK’s new Agriculture ...

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22nd January 2020

The Withdrawal Agreement Bill: New legal uncertainty?

The election result may have resolved the political uncertainty in relation to stage 1 of the Brexit process, but a ...

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6th January 2020

The General Election result was abundantly clear: now we await the detail

Boris Johnson has undeniably secured a stunning election victory against his political opponents, condemning the Labour party to its worst ...

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13th December 2019

General Election 2019: What does this mean for the environment?

The 2019 general election was remarkable in the prominence accorded to the environment in all the party manifestoes. There was ...

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13th December 2019
Houses of Parliament under the sun

Environmental pledges in the party manifestos

This year the environment and climate change have achieved unprecedented prominence in all the major party manifestos, which reflects the ...

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9th December 2019