Bird in bush (V Gravey)

Sovereignty, red tape… and the environment

Let us face it. Environmental protection has not been a major strand in the Brexit debate. It should be as ...

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16th June 2016
cobbles on beach

What would Brexit mean for the environment in the EU?

In an opinion piece for Euractiv, Viviane Gravey, Andy Jordan and Charlotte Burns (lead authors of the expert review) discuss ...

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24th May 2016
EU flag in trees by Niccolo Caranti

Where to find information on environmental questions in the EU referendum?

As the referendum approaches and both sides work harder to capture the support of undecided voters, issues such as the ...

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16th May 2016
Missing green puzzle piece

Is environment the biggest hole in the referendum campaigns?

In a blog post on the Green Alliance Blog, Andy Jordan and Viviane Gravey (University of East Anglia), lead authors ...

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9th May 2016
Stop pollution protest

Experts agree: EU membership is good for Britain’s natural environment

A pro-EU leaflet recently issued by the UK government caused controversy over the use of public funds for a political ...

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20th April 2016
UKELA newsletter

UK-EU environmental relations: what happens after 23 June?

In the March/April edition of the UKELA e-law newsletter, Viviane Gravey and Andy Jordan (University of East Anglia), lead authors ...

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12th March 2016
Environmental Europe? blog logo

A surprising deal? Cameron’s ‘reformed EU’ & the environment

In a blog post on Environmental Europe? Viviane Gravey, lead author of the expert review, analyses the content of the ...

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12th March 2016