The Future of Environmental Governance in Northern Ireland

This workshop will discuss environmental governance in Northern Ireland in the context of the challenges and opportunities posed by Brexit.  ...

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26th June 2018

Brexit and Agri-Environment and Fisheries in the UK: A New Dawn?

Join members of the team (Dr Charlotte Burns and Dr Viviane Gravey) along with leading practitioners to debate the findings of ...

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3rd July 2017

What does Brexit mean for the future of UK and EU Agri-environment and Fisheries?

Researchers from the Environment Department, the Stockholm Environment Institute and the York Environmental Sustainability Institute will be hosting a workshop ...

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22nd March 2017

Brexit and the Environment: A Roundtable

This roundtable was co-organised with Prof Joanne Scott, Fellow of the British Academy. Bringing together practitioners and academics, it discussed ...

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8th January 2017

After the Brexit vote: where next for environmental policy and politics

This seminar, organised by the Tyndall Early Career Network, discussed the role environmental issues played in the campaign and how ...

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27th July 2016

How has the EU shaped the environment in the UK? Assessment and perspectives after the 23 June

This roundtable will discuss the findings of a major, impartial ESRC-funded review ‘The EU referendum and the UK environment’. The ...

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14th June 2016

EU and UK environmental policies after 23 June

Discussions on the UK referendum have mostly been focusing on a handful of issues (sovereignty, freedom of movement and red ...

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23rd May 2016

What has EU membership ever done for the UK?

The EU referendum campaign is mostly focusing on a handful of issues (jobs, the economy and migration). Yet after 40 ...

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3rd May 2016
The EU Referendum: Risks and Opportunities for the UK Environment

Key Risks and Opportunities for the Environment

Read account of the Review launch in this blog post.

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11th April 2016