Green Party report card: Better campaign, worse outcome?

Our new blog post in The Conversation looks at how its not just Jeremy Corbyn that's creating headache for the Greens in the ...

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6th June 2017

Brexit, the environment and the devolved parties

A new blog post in The Environmentalist - this time looking at how the devolved parties in Scotland, Wales and Northern ...

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6th June 2017

The Brexit election: Red, white, blue… and green?

We have a new blog post out in The Environmentalist comparing the manifestos of the Labour, Conservative, Lib Dem and Green ...

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24th May 2017

Winner of ‘Insight of the Year’ at the ENDS Awards 2017

We are delighted to announce we've won 'Insight of the Year' at the first edition of the ENDS Environmental Impact ...

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4th May 2017

Government’s reponse to House Lords Brexit and Environment report: still a governance gap?

The government has responded to the House of Lords EU Committee report on Brexit & the Environment. The HoL report, ...

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27th April 2017

Environmental implications for Scotland of the UK leaving the EU

The Scottish Parliament's Environment, Climate Change and Land Reform Committee held last week a hearing into the environmental implications for Scotland ...

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20th March 2017

Government ‘worryingly complacent’ about Brexit governance challenges: latest House of Lords Report

The House of Lords European Union Committee just published its new report on Brexit: Environment & Climate Change. Building on ...

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14th February 2017

Bringing powers back from Brussels – but to where?

This blog post summarises Dr Jo Hunt’s (Cardiff University, Senior Fellow UK in a Changing Europe) contribution to a roundtable ...

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10th February 2017

Brexit: the impacts of and the implications for devolution in the UK

This blog post summarises Lloyd Austin’s (RSPB Scotland) contributions to the Brexit & Environment roundtable organised by the British Academy ...

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9th February 2017

Silver linings: What to expect from environmental chapters in the EU’s Free Trade Agreements?

This blog post summarises Dr Laurens Ankersmit’s (ClientEarth) contributions to the Brexit & Environment roundtable organised by the British Academy ...

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7th February 2017

Trade and Brexit: the long arm of EU regulation

“Business clamours for more EU regulation” [1] In a characteristically straight-to-the-point piece, Philip Stephens contemplates this unexpected headline as he ...

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6th February 2017
the long way to a green brexit

Brexit, the Environment and the Three Ds: Depoliticisation, Dismantling and Devolution

This blog post summarises Dr Charlotte Burns’ (University of York, lead author EUrefEnv expert review) presentation at a roundtable on ...

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2nd February 2017