Green cliffs

Brexit: A step forwards or backwards for a Greener Europe?

In an opinion piece for Euractiv, Viviane Gravey, Andy Jordan and Charlotte Burns (lead authors of the expert review) reflect on ...

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28th June 2016
Big Ben seen through the ornate metal security gates, Westminster, UK

After the Brexit vote: What next for the UK’s environment?

In a blog post on the Green Alliance blog Andy Jordan, Charlotte Burns and Viviane Gravey, lead authors of the expert ...

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27th June 2016

It’s over and we are out of the EU

In a blog post for IEMA's The Environmentalist Magazine, Charlotte Burns, Viviane Gravey and Andy Jordan discuss the two main ...

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24th June 2016
table of scenarios in Expert review

The UK votes to leave the EU: What next for environmental policy in the UK and Europe?

This post lists the different blogs and reactions from the EUrefEnv experts to the EU referendum result and what it ...

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24th June 2016
Bird in bush (V Gravey)

Sovereignty, red tape… and the environment

Let us face it. Environmental protection has not been a major strand in the Brexit debate. It should be as ...

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16th June 2016
EU flag and UK phone booth

The EU referendum and the UK’s environment: What are the implications for democracy?

Environmental questions are increasingly being discussed in the EU referendum campaign, but often on their own, disconnected from the more ...

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13th June 2016
cobbles on beach

What would Brexit mean for the environment in the EU?

In an opinion piece for Euractiv, Viviane Gravey, Andy Jordan and Charlotte Burns (lead authors of the expert review) discuss ...

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24th May 2016
EU flag in trees by Niccolo Caranti

Where to find information on environmental questions in the EU referendum

As the referendum approaches and both sides work harder to capture the support of undecided voters, issues such as the ...

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16th May 2016
UK flags and French flag

What about devolution?

When talking about ‘Brexit’ and the UK-EU referendum, most discussions concerns the whole of the UK, yet a vote to ...

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13th May 2016
Missing green puzzle piece

Is environment the biggest hole in the referendum campaigns?

In a blog post on the Green Alliance Blog, Andy Jordan and Viviane Gravey (University of East Anglia), lead authors ...

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9th May 2016
PSA environment logo

Will the Environmental Audit Committee report at last bring the environment onto the referendum campaign agenda?

In a post on the Politics Studies Association's Environmental Politics blog, Charlotte Burns, lead author of our expert review reflects ...

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20th April 2016
Stop pollution protest

Experts agree: EU membership is good for Britain’s natural environment

A pro-EU leaflet recently issued by the UK government caused controversy over the use of public funds for a political ...

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20th April 2016